Current Issues

Alloy Fixings used on Retro-fit Fire Collars

On both new and existing buildings it is common to see the use of alloy or non-steel fixings to install retro-fit fire collars onto a fire barrier. Typically these alloy fixings were used because they were quick and easy to install and the building industry assumed they were OK to use.
An example of an alloy fixing is a knock-in pin where the outer casing of the fixing is a softer zinc alloy based material and the internal pin is made from a harder metal that forces the alloy to expand when driven into the hole to provide a mechanical friction fit.
It is important to check with the fire collar manufacturer that the proposed fixings are approved for their fire collars. As a general guide only all steel fixings should be used as some alloy fixings have melting points as low as 200oC.
All passive fire protection products should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation details and in the case of retro-fit fire collars the correct number of fixings also must be used.